Trade: Katoil Limited

LNG9 centers in long-term supply contracts from natural gas producers and liquefaction facilities in North America. We pride ourselves on consistency, quality and precision. We carefully source pipeline natural gas from various onshore locations in the United States and deliver it to pre-treatment facilities, where LNG develops at our Liquefaction vendors. With our evolving connections, we are also expanding to source secondary liquid natural gas from Australia, Africa and Russia.

Katoil is a LNG9 subsidiary, operating from London. We are positioned to develop key strategic opportunities arising within the growing energy resource base of the Americas. Recent developments in the global energy balance has only served to enhance the strategic advantage of any energy projects within this region. The Americas’ possess not only one of the largest concentrations of energy resources on the planet, but also the most secure and reliable source of supply. Katoil specializes in, but is not limited to the trade of liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and crude oil.

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